Pacifica Power of Love Pallete (Debunked)

Pacifica Power of Love Pallete (Debunked)

You guys! I was going through all my Pacifica makeup (Boy do I have a lot) and I realized for one of the most popular palletes I use; I didn't know the names of each color!!! That means each time I created a look with it, I couldn't tell you how I did it! and that's just a crying shame!!(exaggeration in the last part).. But for realz.. I went to the Pacifica website, and the names were listed but they weren't assigned to any specific colors... GASP.. and after some googling I realized other's were frustrated with this as well, so I knew I had to debunk this mysteryyyyyyyy oooooooo.. SUPER ERIN TO THE RESCUE DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!

I just e-mailed the wonderful people over at Pacifica and they promptly replied...(they're so sweet) so here it is..

power of love pallete (looking at the above photograph starting from the top left and ending at the bottom right)

The 10 on-trend shades are:

  • Mysterious
  • Bare
  • Falling Star
  • Spirited
  • Devoted
  • Shine On
  • Treasure
  • Crush
  • Soul
  • Luna

All are 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan.. I love Pacifica so it's suiting that their Instagram handle is just that; @ilovepacifica. .. All their products and Packaging are made with the up-most care and with our environment in mind.. everything is vegan including the ink they print with on their packaging... do you believe it you guys?? It's Soy ink and everything they package in is recyclable which is a must for me, I am trying to cut back on waste and only use things that are either recyclable or compostable so I can give back to the planet..(more posts on that to come)

Also I feel like I need to mention their Power of Love Series (Sold exclusively at Target)
is backed by an amazing Philanthropy from the people over at Pacifica..
For instance for each Power of Love product sold, one is donated to a woman in need.. Girl Power! Uplifting other women is important, everyone deserves to feel glamorous... I love that.. It may not be a house, or money for food, but the gift of self confidence is power.. a little lipstick may just be the thing a women needs in the morning to get out that door and nail that job interview, (so she can have money for a house and food..) maybe a little eye shadow is all that is needed to gain enough confidence to conquer that fear that's holding her back somewhere in her life. You never know, the Power of Love is Powerful, and I think that's a very suiting name don't you?

SO go get these silky smooth, cruelty-free, vegan, gorgeous colors at your local Target!

I have some swatches for ya.. first without primer, and second with an eye primer (I used Urban Decay's eye primer potion which is cruelty-free and sans animal by-products). These photos were taken in natural lighting outside with no filters. the colors are in the order of the color names listed above :) You're welcome! ;) Enjoy my Beauties!

power of love swatches without primer and with