The Benefits of Essential Oils and a Review of the Radha Beauty Oil Diffuser

The Benefits of Essential Oils and a Review of the Radha Beauty Oil Diffuser

I've said it before.. Health is a huge part of beauty.. You're the prettiest when you're healthy.. And for me essential oils are a key ingredient to my health and well being.. benefits of essential oils and a review of the radha beauty diffuser

Something you may not know about me is that I suffer from pretty crippling depression and anxiety.. But with the help of various oils, I have been able to combat pretty nasty symptoms!

I tend to look for more homeopathic/natural remedies to take care of my body, there are so many things in pharmaceuticals that are questionable and I don't like how a lot of prescription medications cause a lot of symptoms (side effects) when they are treating one other.. it's a domino effect, (If you give a mouse a cookie sorta thing) If you take a medication for one symptom it causes other symptoms that you may need medication for that will cause other symptoms and so on and so forth...

Don't get me wrong, I am not totally discounting modern medicine, we have come a long way in that field and there are many studies and products that are good for our health and well-being that doctor's can prescribe but generally not all...

I am a Christian and it says in the book of Genesis that all plants that grow from the ground are for our use.. and a lot of these plants/herbs/ etc... have a lot of medicinal quality to them.. it's amazing how the oils derived from plants and fruits and what have you can really be beneficial to your mental/emotional/physical/hormonal and sometimes even spiritual health!
benefits of essential oils and a review of the radha beauty oil diffuser

Check out this handy dandy Chart I found that illustrates just the tip of the iceberg of the many health benefits and uses of Essential oils:

Handy dandy chart on the uses of different essential oils

If you're interested in how Essential Oils work, or you're just curious about them you can take a quick Essential Oils 101 course. :)

Moving on:

I have been in the market for a diffuser for my oils for awhile, and I feel so honored that Radha Beauty chose to send me theirs it's amazing.. Feeling restless? Drop some lavender or chamomile oil in there.. Feeling sick? How about some eucalyptus or peppermint oil?? The possibilities are endless. This little beauty is so cute.. It's a great size.. Not too big.. Or too small , it's got a clean cut design, it's easy to use, and the changing light is really soothing.. It's pretty quiet but it does let out a little white noise here and there that I actually enjoy.. The mist that comes out is cool and dry so there is no risk of humidity.. For a millisecond I expected the diffuser to be like a humidifier but it's not and its about 1/5th the size! Love this thing.

radha beauty oil diffuser review

If you are already an avid oil user I recommend getting one of these bad boys, you can shop on Radha Beauty's website Or you can go to Amazon.

Hope you have a healthy and Beautiful day! xoxo.