Cruelty-Free Wishlist: April

Cruelty-Free Wishlist: April

So I have decided that I am going to be making a visual wish-list of the cruelty-free and Vegan beauty items I want each month.. it will help share products with other's who are on the hunt and it will also show me what sort of things I am saving my pennies for.. (if you know what I mean).. I am holding myself accountable while sharing products and brands with other people... huzzah..

anyway, this month features 5 beauty items that I am drooling over and need to get my paws on.. the first is

Suntegrity Lip Cpr Mineral Lipstick with Spf in the shade: "Coral Sunset"; Retail: $28+s/h

cruelty-free beauty wishlist: April

I recently was on the hunt for a vegan and cruelty free lipstick that had spf in it because I am going camping a lot this summer and want to bring some glamp to the mix (google: Glamping) I want to be low maintenance but also retain some glam while I am out in the woods getting my sweat and hike and swim on.. Petit Vour talked about this brand Suntegrity and I had to check them out.. their website offers a free sample set of all their lippie shades but with $8 s/h so I went ahead and did that and tried them all on and posted them to my instagram if you can remember:

cruelty free beauty wishlist: april 2016 cruelty free beauty wishlist april 2016

cruelty free beauty wish-list April 2016 I Swatched them on my arm and lips and asked which color you thought was best and two colors, Fuschia Flare and Sunset Coral were the top voted.. Plum Eclipse was a runner up..

I went ahead and got Fuschia Flare but now I am drooling over Sunset Coral.

Next On my Wish-list is:

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara; Retail: $23

cruelty free beauty wishlist april 2016

I know I know I know I am late to the game.. this is like every CF Blogger's "Holy Grail" mascara and I haven't even tried it yet. *gasp I want to take the leap and see what all the rave is about. I heard they just came out with a waterproof one too.. if the formula is vegan like their original, it will be a game changer for my glamping expedition ;)

Third on my Wish list:

Becca Cosmetics: Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in "Opal"; Retail: $38

 cruelty free beauty wishlist april

Another "holy grail" item in the cf/vegan/beauty blog community.. these are the ultimate shiny and the formulation is buttery soft.. I went and sampled the shades at Sephora the other day and opal was my favorite shade.

Fourth on my Wish-list: edit: (no longer on my wishlist as it contains beeswax.. But here's a little about it for those that beeswax doesn't bother)

RMS un-cover up in shade '11'; Retail: $36+s/h

cruelty free beauty wish list april 2016 As some of you may know I am kinda an environmentalist.. (well I am a work in progress but who isn't?) Anyway I have been following these "Zero-Waste" bloggers for some time and one of my favorite's is Trash is For Tossers and one day when I was reading her F.A.Q to get tips on how I can live more zero-waste (believe me I am farrr from it) I found out the only make-up she uses is RMS.. I started following them and I have fallen in love with everything i've seen.. can't wait to try it.

Finally... Fifth on my Wish-list:

Lunatick Labs Contour Book; Retail: $74 +s/h

Cruelty-free beauty wishlist april 2016

It's Vegan, It's Cruelty-Free, it's packaging is unmatched(Reminds me of the book in my fav halloween movie; 'Hocus Pocus') and look at those shadessss.. I could die.. not only could they contour and highlight but you could also color correct and do all sorts of other things with them.. I want thisssss why am I so poooorrrr???

Ok so that's it, that's my wish-list for April.. where is my makeup fairy godmother??? UGHHHH anywhoooo check me out on instagram and Twitter @erindoesbeauty1