Benevolent Beauty Box *review*

Benevolent Beauty Box *review*

BUNNIES! I am so excited to announce the launch of a brand new Cruelty-free beauty subscription box; Benevolent Beauty
Review of Benevolent Beauty Box


adjective be·nev·o·lent \bə-ˈnev-lənt, -ˈne-və-\
: kind and generous : organized to do good things for other people

Benevolent Beauty was founded by Rachel, an animal lover since childhood, Rachel noticed the growing rate of cruelty-free bloggers and life styler's and the ever increasing rate of people wanting to make the transition to cruelty-free and decided she wanted to do her part in making these products more available for people at this point of their lives.

The box, which costs only $29.95 is curated with all kinds of full sized and deluxe sample sized beauty products every month and delivered to your doorway.. here's what was included in the April Box and what she/they and I had to say about these products..
Review of Benevolent Beauty Box

Bodisafe Lips and Cheeks (Vegan) Retail Value: $20

Review Benevolent Beauty Box April 2016

What they say:

"Formulated with all-natural, organic ingredients and ultra-creamy Shea butter, the lip and cheek line delivers natural hydration and protection to both your lips and cheeks."

What I say:

The packaging first off is fantastic, it's glass with an aluminum (I am guessing) lid.. very sturdy and eco friendly, the contents had shifted in travel and seeing as they are hand made this seems normal.. first impression was of course the scent.. it smells very waxy (think crayons) and feels more sticky than "buttery smooth when applying.. the color is very pigmented and is very customizable.. for cheeks a tiny bit goes a long way.. I did 2 small dots and that was wayy too much, for lips the color is nice and natural feeling, again.. kinda waxy and the flavor leaves little to be desired plus it isn't long lasting, but for the time it does last the color is rather pretty.

Benevolent Beauty Box review April 2016

Colorevolution Eyeshadow (Vegan) Retail Value; $12

Benevolent Beauty box review April 2016

What they say:

"Our Mineral Eye Shadows are specifically formulated for women with sensitive skin. Un-like other mineral makeup, we use only the highest quality ingredients available (Mica, Titanium Dioxide, and Iron Oxides) with no parabens, preservatives, or chemical dyes. The result is an eye shadow with a perfect consistency that is easy to apply and blend for flawless finishes"

What I Say:

I received the color: "second date" which is this gorgeous mermaid-y teal color that is all the rage right now.. I am loving the chance to experience with brighter and more fun colors every day so I was super excited to get this shade.. just look at that pigmentation:

Benevolent Beauty Box Review

The color is a loose pigment so it will have some fallout with application.. just use shadow guards or tape to catch any fallout and you will be good, it's buttery soft and sooo build-able and blend-able.. just check out what it looks like on my eyes:
benevolent beauty box review April 2016

As far as the ingredients go some people don't like titanium dioxide because of how it looks in photographs, or the chemical makeup freaks them out.. however I like when things have titanium dioxide in them, it's a natural sun protectant and I am one to truly believe in protecting your skin from the damage sun can have on it inside and out... Mica is a better alternative to Talc in shadows as well..
two thumbs up for this bad boy right here..

Dermadeli Invigorating Vitamin C Serum 1Fl oz (Vegan) Retail Value; $28.99

benevolent beauty box review: April 2016

What They Say:

"The Antioxidant and repair qualities of invigorating vitamin C serum include repairing skin from UV damage, decreasing wrinkles, and improving skin elasticity. Our Product is delivered to you freshly made at a 15% concentration. Unlike other Vitamin C Serum products, our invigorating Vitamin C Serum is not pre-made and then placed on a shelf for months; our invigorating Vitamin C Serum is produced when your order is received and shipped right away"

What I Say:

I have tried Vitamin C serums in the past and have heard all the rage about them and their skin benefits, however I tried one once that smelled absolutely foul like rotting fruit and thus have been turned off from them since.. however this one is different.. you see some of the natural properties separate in the bottle and settle on the bottom, therefore you know they are telling the truth when they say the product is made fresh, I love the glass dropper bottle, it's my favorite kind of serum/oil applicator... Also this stuff doesn't smell bad at all.. it smells fresh and clean with the slightest scent of orange..

It says to use the serum about only up to 3 times a week and that's probably a good thing because it is very astringent like and you don't want to stress out your skin with too much use.. One of the cons of this product is it has to be refrigerated.. which is kinda a deterrent when I am doing my skin care routine at my sink/vanity and have to to walk all the way to the kitchen to retrieve it.... I can see this hindering my desire to use it weekly.. but we will see.. so far I have no real qualms with this product.

Fantasy 3-in-1 Blush/Highlighter/Eyeshadow Retail Value:$19

Review Benevolent Beauty Box April 2016

What They Say:

"Our Fantasy 3-in-1 is a pearlized powder blush, highlighter and eyeshadow it has a special light and velvet-like texture which glides on smoothly and evenly to provide the perfect amount of color for a healthy glow on your eyes, cheeks or desired areas for highlighting"

What I say: first off, this is the only product not clearly marked as Vegan in the pamphlet but I looked at the ingredients which is as follows:

  • Talc
  • Mica
  • Mineral Oil
  • Magnesium Myristate
  • Kaolin
  • Mehtylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • May Contain: Iron Oxides (Cl77491, Cl77492, cl77499)

So it doesn't contain one of the 8 Common Non-Vegan ingredients found in make-up

But it doesn't really have good-for-you ingredients either.. Talc is a Carcinogen and we all know Parabens are just bad news... plus I am not really a fan of having ingredients in my skincare products or food that I cannot pronounce so there's that...

However as far as formula and color go, this product is gorgeous and you know me I love things that are multi-use.. just clean up this formula and I think it could be a holy grail item for sure.

Red Apple Lipstick (Vegan) Retail Value; $23.50

benevolent Beauty Box review April 2016

What They Say:

"Allergen Free lipstick colors that inspire. Finishes that set the mood. Creamy and Soft. Filled with the healing power of gluten-free Vitamin-E. Hand made in the U.S.A., lab tested gluten free, chemical free, lead free.... because every woman deserves safe makeup."

What I Say:

I have had my eyes on Red Apple Lipsticks for a long time and have been following the Red Apple Girls on Instagram for awhile.. and I was soo excited to finally receive a color of theirs.. I have heard nothing but amazing things about the company and the formulations/pigmentations and I could not wait to use this. I received the color "Gypsy Soul" which is this beautiful plum/mauve/burgandy color... if you apply it dark it's great for fall or light is a nice spring shade.. it looks amazing with my skin tone and the name is sooo appropriate since I consider myself to have a gypsy soul.. The formula is moisturizing and buttery soft, but I was able to eat with it and not have too much of it transfer so I am guessing the staying power is pretty good.. I am in love and will definitely be checking out their other shades... plus their packaging is top notch.. it's heavy duty and secure and you know your product is protected.. I like that in packaging..

Bonus: Bodisafe Night Cream (sample size)

As a bonus they sent a sample of some night cream it's vegan..
Review of Benevolent Beauty box April 2016 What They Say:

"Wake up with youthful, glowing skin after using this truly all-natural hydrating night cream. Our all natural formula provides lasting conditioning, moisturizing and softening benefits with a non-oily finish. Give your skin the gift of hydration with this exceptional night cream."

What I say:

This stuff is jam packed with different oils, and normally I love oil for skincare but this stuff literally feels like rubbing a stick of butter on my face, it's thick, it's sticky, it doesn't have a non-oily finish at all.. it does absorb somehow in the middle of the night because I don't wake up greasy but still.. not the formula of a cream for my liking...

So That's my review of the Benevolent Beauty box, Pretty good stuff! $103.49 worth of product (Not including s/h of individual items) for only $29.95 a month and you get cruelty-free and mostly Vegan products delivered to your door, I forgot to mention that when you sign up you fill out a quick beauty survey so that your box can be specially curated with colors that are flattering to your specific coloring/preferences..etc... AND $1 of every box sold is donated to Humane Society International to help fund corporations that are fighting to put an end to animal cruelty.. so if you're looking for a beauty box that is CF and is mostly cosmetics with a hint of skin care, go check them out, I have a feeling you will NOT be disappointed.


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