Vegan Cuts *April 2016* Review

Vegan Cuts *April 2016* Review

Recently I subscribed to an awesome Vegan and Cruely-Free subscription service called Vegan Cuts.. And so Far I am soooo impressed with everything I have received. Granted I only have one box under my belt, but they also had awesome sales going on in their shop and I had to take them up some of their awesome offers! (more to come)

This Company is amazing, they have several subscription services, one that delivers Vegan Snacks to your door, another that delivers Vegan Beauty Products and they have an awesome Marketplace Where you can buy tons of stuff to fit your Vegan and Cruelty-free lifestyle, from home decor, to clothes... I fell so in love with them, that I applied to be one of their Brand Ambassadors and got selected! So Check them out.

If you Subscribe to the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box like I did you can expect 4-7 Vegan cosmetics/skincare products each month for as little as $22.95/month.

Here is what I had to say about April's Box:

Review Vegan Cuts Beauty Box April 2016

Enfusia Coriander and rosewood fizz & foam bath bombs; Retail Value: $2.50

review of vegan cuts April 2016 What They Say:

"Coriander and rosewood fizz and foam bath bombs will take you to a whole new magical place! With moisturizing oils, and a delightful scent this will be your best bath ever."

What I have to Say:

I actually haven't used this yet because I am saving it for a special occassion (and a rare occassion where this mom actually gets to take "me time" in a tub!) but the packaging is secure and the smell is divine.. not too strong.. nice and earthy and sweet.. I will post on instagram when I use it and let you know how the whole experience is.. either way I am looking forward to a nice night of pampering..

Eco Lips bee free lip balm; Retail Value: $2.50

Review Vegan Cuts April 2016

What They Say:

"Lip Balm made with all-natural, bee-free ingredients-enjoy the sweet minty flavor of pure unscented bliss."

What I say:

I am a chap stick/lip balm fanatic but it's so hard to find good ones that make your lips feel nurtured without beeswax. Bees wax is such a popular ingredient in "natural beauty products" and I will admit I do own products with beeswax but I am trying to phase them out of my life so this product is great! It's a nice dupe for the ever famous burt's bees peppermint lip balm. Only as I said it doesn't contain bees wax so SCORE!
My lips feel refreshed and soothed with the nice subtle tingle of mint and sweet flavor.. but the smell is not very overwhelming and subtle as well. Thumbs up

Cocokind Facial Repair Serum; Retail Value: $14

Review Vegan Cuts April 2016

What They Say:

"An organic facial repair serum with virgin coconut and avocado oil to deeply moisturize and rejuvenate your skin"

What I Say:

There is nothing quite like a nice oil moisturizer that isn't too greasy, absorbs nicely and leaves your skin feeling better than ever before.. This Serum leaves your skin feeling refreshed and with skin loving oils like avocado and coconut.. however it does tend to be a little on the greasy side at first.. and my bottle was a little bit busted when I received it but sometimes things happen in shipping that can't be controlled.. I look forward however to any skin benefits I may experience.. Lord knows I have sun damage that can be repaired... We will see how this goes.

Routine De-Odor-Cream Natural Deodorant; Retail Value: $2

review vegan cuts April 2016

What They Say:

"a marvelous vegan clay and natural deodorant to keep you smelling sweet--a surprise mixup between lavendery loveliness , spicy earth goodness, or patchouli and vanilla!"

What I Say:

I have tried many vegan and cruelty-free deodorants in my day and they are definitely hit and miss.. I tend to stay clear of those that contain baking soda because they irritate my skin and I tend to find cream/jar deodorants a pain to apply because I feel I have to wash my hands after.. I do like that this "cream" is very liquid.. almost lotion-like which definitely makes it easier to apply in comparison to other thicker creams/pastes I have used in the past.. the smell is very subtle/sweet and earthy as advertised however like several other deodorants I have used with lavender scent or in paste form the effectiveness didn't last too long with my body chemistry and mid-day I started to smell like (as I describe) old.. moldy..carpet.. so unfortunately this one I won't be purchasing, but for others who like these kinds of deodorants it might work well for you!. I however have my choice deodorant that I will be sticking with.

Goddess Garden Natural Face Sunscreen; Retail Value: $5

vegan cuts review april 2016

What They Say:

"Makeup-friendly organic suncscreen specifically forumilated for your face- protect and nourish with this premium blend of coconut oil, green tea and immortelle flower oil"

What I Say:

As I have mentioned before, I am planning on doing a lot of camping this Summer and therefore require some awesome vegan and cruelty-free skin care and (if I have to be glam; which is likely let's be honest) Cosmetics that are outdoor living-appropriate.. So when this sunscreen arrived in my box I was elated to say the least.. the formula is definitely different than other mineral and organic sunscreens I have tried it's grey in tone (which could be great for color correcting for those who have red undertones like me) seeing as it's a face sunscreen it's important that the product be matte not greasy (I have combination skin) and this meets this criteria, it does feel a little paste-like as some mineral and clay sunscreens do, but it is light and easily blend-able so it it won't be visually noticeable after you apply it. I love the smell too.. call me weird but it reminds me of that paste/putty stuff they used in my pre-school to hang up posters.. LOL so in a way it's nostalgic.. over all I am pleased with this deluxe sample and I will be purchasing the full-size.

Joshik Polish; Retail Value: $12

Vegan Cuts Review April 2016

What They Say:

"Luxurious cosmo pink creme polish for a fabulous look- go on and flash that glossy sheen that's non-toxic and cruelty-free!"

What I Say:

Formula is important in all cosmetics but as far as polish is concerned I feel like a formula really is a make or break it kinda deal.. there are so many factors that go into a good formula for a polish to me they are:

  • Easiness of application
  • Quickness of drying time
  • Length of time without chipping
  • Quality of Over-all Finish of color (matte/glossy/gel/shimmer etc)
  • Lack of Carcinogens (is the polish 5 free or 7 free sans toxic cancer causing chemicals?)

So far I have to say that this polish meets all of my criteria for a good polish, the length of the wand makes it easy to control application and also covers a lot of surface area quickly making the process fast and efficient, this polish dries quickly and the glossy finish is spectacular it really gives the appearance of a nice gel manicure at a salon but without all the extra money.. and it's 5 free.. and pretty chip resistant.. I do a lot with my hands, being a full time stay at home mom and 2 and a master crafter/chef/housekeeper etc.. my nails go through a lot and this polish is pretty chip resistant even without a top coat! I am definitely going to look into their other colors.

Marrakesh Split End Repair Serum; Retail Value: $6

Vegan Cuts Review April 2016 What They Say:

" A powerful blend of nutrient-rich argan oil from morocco. Helps lost the frizz and static while repairing split ends to fortify and thicken hair naturally"

What I Say:

My hair is "special" to put it lightly, as I've mentioned in other posts, it's very rare I find a nice product my hair and scalp will be cordial with... My hair is also fine/thin/dyed and definitely needs a little tlc.. on a good day I can throw some dry shampoo in it and throw it in a pony or messy bun.. but on days I don't want it up I want to make sure my hair is tamed, and my ends (the wild children they are) are under control... This stuff smells like something out of my youth, like the musk of a distant relative mixed with potpourri.. which may not sound appealing to some, however it smells rather pretty and makes me feel put together whilst taming the bad boys that want to fly away on my head and giving my hair the appearance of "put togetherness" sleekness/shine/health..etc.. A product like this makes it easy to be low maintenance without obviousness if that makes sense.. I love this stuff.. let me just leave it at that.

Well there you have it! The complete review of the April Vegan Cuts Box.. $44 value for only $23.. SCORE! I cannot wait to see what May has in Store! Stay tuned!

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