*Featurette* EC Cruelty-Free

*Featurette* EC Cruelty-Free

Now I am a lucky ducky, I have been following the company EC Cruelty-Free for awhile on instagram and recently they hosted a spring giveaway.. I entered and I won!
Ec cruelty free giveaway I can't wait to tell you bunnies all about it!

First off let me talk to you about EC Cruelty-Free.

Ec cruelty free spring givewaway

EC Cruelty-Free is a company founded by a gal named Alissa who is absolutely passionate about animals. She started her company to offer a marketplace for people to have a one stop shop for all things cruelty-free! She was sick of hearing how everything in her day to day from her make-up to her skin-care/clothes.. etc.. was tested on animals and she felt a calling to help bring about positive change in that arena. The E and C in the title of her company are the first initials of her beloved Maltipoms; Ellis and Chloe.. and her logo is a dog wearing bunny ears.. how cute is that???

Now let's talk about the prizes of the giveaway:

The EC Cruelty-Free Logo Crop Top: Retail Vailue; $40 +s/h

Ec spring giveaway What Alissa Says:

*"Our soft, pale pink logo crop has a petite fit that floats away from the body to ensure a flattering, effortless fit. The logo was inspired by the creator of EC Cruelty Free’s dog Chloe, donning the “Cruelty Free” bunny ears.

  • 100% Micro Modal, an eco-friendly and naturally sustainable fabric
  • Eco-friendly packaging, even the sticker! Softer than a baby’s butt
  • A portion of your purchase is donated to organizations helping animals!
  • Please note: no babies were harmed in the making of these shirts"*

What I Say:

This is the softest material I have ever felt! I could live in this thing for realzies.. It's super soft and it stretches to fit you comfortably.. my body is not exactly "crop top" ready after having 2 kids (I am working on it) but this looks so cute over a form fitting camisole or tank top if that's more your speed. It's an adorable baby pink cover and has their adorable doggy in bunny ears logo on it with a pretty vintage-y floral print inside.. it's super flattering.. I have had my eyes on their Cruelty-Free Beauty is The New Black-Shirt for awhile and if the material is ANYTHING like this shirt than I am all in!

The Fanciful Fox Body Butter in "Spring": Retail Value; $12

EC Cruelty free giveaway

What They Say:

"Light and fluffy, this extraordinary body butter will kick away wintery skin and make way for spring! Loaded with mineral rich butters, like organic Shea and cocoa butters. this product moisturizes like no other. Its light, grease-free feel, and sweet, slightly floral essential oil blend makes it ideal for warmer weather."

What I Say:

This stuff is so buttery soft. It's also REALLY cold which can be refreshing as the weather gets warmer.. the initial scent is really sweet at first but becomes more earthy as time goes on, it's definitely got a cocoa vibe to it too (must be the cocoa butter) anyway I totally dig it! I am curious about their other scents now!

The Fanciful Fox is based out of Brooklyn New York and is a handcrafted Vegan SoaperyCheck out their Shop

ec cruelty free giveaway

IAMU COLLECTIVE EGYPTIAN FLASH TATTOOS: Retail Value; $24 Ec Cruelty Free Giveaway What They Say:

"These gold foil temporary tattoos were inspired by model, Mimi’s, Egyptian heritage and are the perfect accessory to creatively express yourself. Accentuate your skin with shimmering dotted foil detailing or dress up any outfit with stunning flash tattoos that you can mix and match for a captivating style.

The Mimi Egyptian tattoo sheet is packed with 47 unique tattoos to choose from. IAMU’s A4 sheet size is much larger than most temporary tattoo collections. Be prepared for endless compliments!"

What I Say:

Ec Cruelty-Free giveaway These are definitely fun, yet bold, I wish I could be super cool and wear all of these at once except.. I don't think I could pull it off and I am not sure there are many parts of me that are visible enough for all of that... they aren't kidding when they say this sheet is big.. it is and the tattoos are bigger.. I might put some on my collarbone or leg and arms this summer.. somewhere that's cute and visible in my summertime attire. I put one on my arm and got several compliments, they are reallly shiny.. of course I chose the one with the Egyptian cats in it :-p MEOW it lasted about 3 days and then slowly faded away.. it's not like those kid temp tattoos that you can tell are faded because the image becomes completely corroded.. when these fade they fade in glitter if that makes any sense.. super fun.

You can buy these and the shirts I talked about from Ec Cruelty-Free's Shop

Well that's it, that's all I have for ya today.. Hope you all stay blessed.. and show these animal-loving companies some love.