May 2016 Petit Vour Review (Vegan Beauty Box)

May 2016 Petit Vour Review (Vegan Beauty Box)

This is belated I apologize sincerely my lovely bunnies, however Summer Vacation has officially started and we've been out and about camping and doing all sorts of other Shenanigans But I promise there are some interesting blog updates coming at you..

But I want to review for you the contents of the May Petit Vour box for those lovely followers of mine that were interested in the fun and exciting contents. First of All Check out this new amazing artwork from Mia Charro to Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary (Birthday?) of the Petit Vour Box:

Petit Vour May Review

And Now for the Contents:

Ecco Bella Good for you Gloss in "Power"; Rv: $20

review May Petit Vour Box

Check out the Cool Built in Mirror:

Review May Petit Vour Box

What They Say: "Give yourself some fabulous lip with a pure, shiny, rich texture that's never greasy or heavy. THis gloss has a unique applicator tube that features a built-in mirror, so there's never a tie when you can't apply. Gluten and FD & C dye-free lip gloss. Naturally-Preserved. Power and Peace (colors) are Vegan (So don't worry when you see "may Contain Carmine" on the label--Yours is Vegan!)

What I say: The built in mirror is definitely handy and the rich plummy color is definitely one that appeals to my taste.. It's definitely not sticky, but the color does sort of stain your skin if you accidentally go outside the line of your lips.. and it's hard with the applicator to get a completely precise application.. I suggest you use a light hand and/ or use an alternative lip brush to do your top lip.. or barely dab your bottom lip and rub your lips together for a more subtle color/shine.

Bedrock & Bloom Smart ash all Natural and Organic Teeth Whitener: Sample size rv: $3.. (Full size $30)

Petit Vour Review May 2016

What They Say: "Did you know that conventional teeth whiteners are terrible for your enamel?? Smart Ash in non-abrasive and actually pulls the stains and toxins out of your teeth as opposed to scrubbing them off; so you can use it as often as you like (we recommend twice a day until you've reached your whitest)

What I say:

The ingredients in this are superb: Betonite clay, activated charcoal, orange peel, mint, frankincence.. You would think it would have a sweet flavor or a nasty charcoal-y flavor but it has neither.. either my taste buds aren't sensitive enough or I dare say this has relatively no flavor.. it is black which alarming (and messy) and the contents tend to spread everywhere even with the most careful of application.. but I did see a significant difference in my teeth before and after.. I took pictures but they weren't pretty and the process sort of scared my 2 year old.. (lol it looked like I was brushing my teeth with mud.. but it works!)

Here is a picture of my tooth brush before I gently dipped the bristles in the ash for good measure:

Petit Vour May 2016 review

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Spray; RV: $7

review pett vour may 2016

What They Say:

"a texturizing and moisturizing hair spray that helps add waves and life to your hair, giving it that just left the beach look and smell. A must for mermaid hair!"

What I Say: You ever watch that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer wants to Market a cologne to Calvin Klein called "The Beach" and it embodies every scent that you accumulate while spending a day at the beach.. the salt, the sand, the sunscreen, the tanning oil, the sea air.. well this stuff has that scent and also gives your hair effortles wave and texture.. I never really understood the appeal of these sorts of sprays but this one really gave my stick straight hair a nice wave without making it feel heavy with product or like I was trying too hard.. in fact it was the opposite.. it was glam without trying very hard at all.. check it out:

Review Petit Vour May 2016

Juice Beauty Green Apple peel, blemish clearing: Rv; sample size $5 (Full size $39)

Petit Vour May 2016 review

What They Say: "This patented, award winning peel is designed to supercharge the blemish clearing process by exfoliating to even skin tone and texture. rejuvenating aloe, vitamins and antioxidants can achieve a smooth, clear complexion. clears while hydrates."

What I Say:

I have not been a fan of anything from Juice beauty that i've received in the past.. either the formula's irritated my skin, I wasn't the target demographic for the product or it was just overall ineffective.. so to say the least.. I wasn't too jazzed to receive this.. however I had obnoxious break outs on my neck at the time so I figured.. what the heck I will try it.. I applied and left it on the blemishes overnight and rinsed them in the morning and they had severely diminished in size and redness so thumbs up from me.. not sure how this exfoliates in it since their is no grainy texture of any kind.. it must be some kind of voodoo magic.. but alas it works so who cares right??

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the reviews and maybe saw something you like.. if you want to check out these products ann more or subscribe to beauty subscription service you can do so at Petit Vour

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