Vegan Cuts Beauty Box; June 2016 *REVIEW*

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box; June 2016 *REVIEW*

Again it's that fabulous time of the month where I get to receive and review the amazing contents of the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

This Month's is Jam packed with 6 awesome products.. a $67.90 retail Value for as little as about $20 a month.

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Vegan cuts june beauty box review

Now let's get this party started!

Look at all this LOOT (Bunny not included)

Vegan Cuts June 2016 review

First thing:

Ofra Cosmetics Long lasting liquid lipgloss in "Laguna Beach" Rv; $19.90

Review June BEauty box vegan cuts

What Vegan Cuts Says: "Long Lasting Lipgloss to make your lips pop with color"

What I Say:

THis shade is beautiful, it's definitely a complimentary pink color for any skin tone the formula is moisturizing and tastes nice.. it doesn't last as long as say a colourpop ultra matte lip.. it does come off when you eat and drink and isn't kiss proof... but overall I am pleased.. check out this swatch:

Vegan Cuts June Beauty box review

and here it is on my lips with a completed look:

Vegan Cuts beauty box review june

Mai Couture Blotting papers Rv; $12

Review June Beauty Box vegan cuts

What Vegan Cuts Says: "Wipe away unwanted dirt and oil buildup using this super soft blotting paper infused with vitamins C & E"

What I Say: I used to use oil blotting papers in middle school when my skin was super acne prone and oily.. (hormones are bitches) only the ingredients of said wipes were sub par... they probably contained talc or baby powder (which contains talc) and therefore were semi-carcinogenic.. the ingredients of these papers are safe and natural, and they gently absorb unwanted oil.. this little book comes with tons of them too so perfect for on the go!

Clarisea activated charcoal facial exfoliant (Sample Size: Rv;$3)

June Vegan Cuts beauty box review

What Vegan Cuts Says: "Activated bamboo charcoal rapidly absorbs and whisks away impurities, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed"

What I say:

This stuff is fancy!!! Bamboo products are my favorite.. I am not too big on exfoliants normally because they made me break out a ton in my youth, but used appropriately they can be quite beneficial and have the opposite beneficial effect for your skin (anti-break outs).. This stuff you can mix right in with your favorite face wash so it's not an extra task in your morning routine. My skin felt soft and glowed after using this!

Puresol Konjac Sponge: Rv; $10

Review June Beauty Box Vegan Cuts

What Vegan Cuts Says: "Cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin using this konjac facial sponge"

What I Say: I have only ever used my hands to wash my face (I know GASP) so receiving this sponge I had a moment of "uh ok.. what is this??" It comes hard as rock:

Vegan Cuts review june

But once it's wet it becomes super soft and squishy, which is fun when you add your soap as it also becomes pretty sudsy as well. *note to self clean sink pronto!

Vegan Cuts BEauty Box june review

I used this sponge with my holy grail sea foam face wash from Pacifica and mixed in some of the clarisea and what I had was an amazing facial cleaning experience.. I am sold on facial sponges now!! They are FABULOUS!

Vegan Cuts June beauty box review

Glow for a Cause Solid Perfume: Rv; $18

vegan cuts june beauty box review What Vegan Cuts Says: "Special edition beeswax-free solidperfume that comines light florals , white tea and bergamot to create and unforgettable scent"

What I say: This stuff smells fabulous, it's subtle yet noticeable.. I closed my eyes and smelled this stuff and envisioned I was Elizabeth Bennett curled up on a grassy knoll with tea in hand and a good book, waiting for my Mr. Darcy and taking in the sun...

Overall quite enjoyable ;)

Last but not least:

Devita Mineral Spf 30 sunscreen

Vegan cuts beauty box review

What Vegan Cuts Says: "Mineral spf 30 sunscreen that moisturizes while protecting your skin"

What I Say: Woops.. in my video of first impressions (seen below) I accidentally thought this was a moisturizer with spf and not a sunscreen with moisturizing capabilities.. lol

either way it's non-greasy, scent free and works great under makeup.. it prevents my skin from drying out in the heat as well as protects from harmful UV rays and it's light.. Only wish it was in a bigger sample size.. will have to purchase the full size asap.

Well there you have it the more in detail written review of the June Cuts Beauty Box. If you would like to win a box follow me on instagram and follow the instructions underneath the picture of the vegan cuts beauty box!

Heres a Video for those who don't like to read or who want to watch me be a dork:

Until Next time bunnies! XOXO