Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review (July and August 2016)

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review (July and August 2016)

Hey Bunnies! I am soooo sorry about the delay on both of these reviews.. life has been chaotic!! but in a good way...

Anywho July and August were amazing for the [Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.. with the exception of one product I have much DISDAIN for... ( what can it be? ) Stay tuned.

Let's Start with:


Look at these fun guys!:

Definitely some new and old brands I haven't tried.. so it was very exciting playing around with this Loot.

First thing on the docket:

Bodisafe Beauty Lip and Cheek; Rv $20

What They Say: Formulated with all-natural organic ingredients and ultra-creamy shea butter, this lip and cheek line delivers natural hydration and color

What I Say: um so... you didn't have to wait to long or read too much because THIS is the product I could honestly care less about.. I received another shade of this in the Benevolent Beauty Box as you may recall... and it was interesting to me then, but now I just feel like it's soo ughhh

the formula is just off for me, it's like too thick and too goopy.. it reminds me of vaseline.. like pink vaseline.. it's overly pigmented and very messy.. it smells like vaseline as well and it just does NOT work for lips.. no staying power, awful flavor.. ugh... why someone would be $20 for this is mind boggeling... that's right... I actually have a product I can say negative things about.. not that that is a good thing, but at least you know I am honest...

two thumbs downnnn

Suntegrity Skincare 3 in 1 Moisturizer, sunscreen and primer (sample size); Rv: $4.95

vegan cuts summer review

What They Say: Just that... (what it does, moisturize, sunscreen, primer)

What I say: Oh mylanta.. I want to make love to this stuff... I used it wayyy too fast and the sample is wayyy too small and the normal size is wayyyyy too expensive or else I would seriously bathe in this stuff..

it smells like something tropical, like papayas.. it's non greasy and it makes my make up stay on longer... with a matte finish.. this stuff is the so if anyone wants to help a sista out and buy me the full size I will be forever indebted to you...

no but really this stuff is the bestttt.. Why am I so pooor???

Zoe Organics Aromatherapy oil blend; Rv $14

What They Say: Too refresh your energy and ease your mind

What I say: You had me at aromatherapy. Love this stuff.. great combination of soothing EOs.. another great add to my oil collection. Thanks Vegan cuts and Zoe organics... I see you and I am coming for you!

Molly Rose Balms Lip Scrub (Snips and snails); RV: $7

What They Say: Exfoliate your skin with ease using either a citrus almond or snips and snails sugar scrub

Seriously are they getting lazy in the typing section of Vegan Cuts... give me more than that... LOL

What I say: this stuff is delicious.. I have owned many lip scrubs before but most come in a pot and you have to use your finger... I love the chaptick-like applicator for finger (mess free) application.. and the flavor tastes like gummy worms.. (the vegan kind sans boiled pigs ears; Gelatin)

two thumbs way way up

Natures Shea Butter; Rv: $2.75

What They Say: Shea Butter perfect for moisturizing your skin*

No really.. that's what they say... So that's what shea butter is for?? Mind=Blown

Jk Vegan Cuts.. I love you guys... just being silly

What I say: Not much else.. it's shea butter.. big woop?

Hello Products tooth paste in mojito mint; Rv: $1

What They Say: Say hello to mojito mint travel toothpaste before heading off on your next adventure*

What I say: Yum!! I didn't think the lime and mint would go in a toothpaste.... think citrus +toothbrushing (Orange juice after brushing ones teeth... ) not a good time.. however this flavor is great.. very subtle but noticeable..appropriate name and No bad after taste... Erin like-y.

Modicum Skin Care Facial Serum; Rv:$20

What They Say: Facial serum boasting the ability to all from moisturizing your skin to diminishing fine lines and wrinkles*

What I Say: Oh man.. I love oil for skincare.. I love I love it I love it.. I have been alternating between this serum and about 3 others right now as a moisturizer after toning... and my skin just drinks it up like a luxury face cocktail.. great ingredients.. skin loving oils.. it makes me reminisce abut my favorite face oil.. which was the skincarma restorative roll on facial oil from pacifica (before they discontinued it) now at least I know where to get my skin il fix.. modicum I am coming for you.

And Now for:


This month was seriously the best... seriously.. if you can still get over to Vegan Cuts to order you some beauty boxes.. you better get to it.. this box was amaziiingggg..

Pacifica lip tint in "Sugared Fig"; Rv:$7

What they Say: Gorgeous color quenching lip tint in either vanilla hibiscus or sugared fig

What I Say: Pacifica is my main dawg you all know that and this lip balm is LIFE I have all the flavors/shades and this sugared fig one is my favorite.. just look at that SWATCH: This is my go to lip balm in a snap. LOVE THE FORMULA THE FLAVOR THE COLOR THE PACKAGING EVERYTHIINNNNGGG

Adorn Cosmetics light reflecting mineral powder (sample size); Rv:$5

What They Say: light-reflecting mineral powder that will give you a luminescent finish alone or paired with makeup

What I Say: GIRLLLL we be blinding people TODAY. this highlight pops for sure. I wore it today and it was so pretty I couldn't stop staring at myself.. just a teeny bit on the fan brush on top of the cheekbones and on the cupids bow and you be looking flyyyy... But seriously, great formulation, amazing color pay off and sparkle.. what more can you ask for?

Swatchy swatch:

Green and Gorgeous Organics dry shampoo; Rv:$7.99

What They Say: lavender and bergamot combine to create a dry shampoo that nourishes and refreshes your hair without the need for a shower

What I say: I love Bergamot. I love Lavender. I love dry shampoo. You can't lose... However to be honest I cannot open this at all.. so I can only assume it's awesome until I take a sharp knife to it and actually give it a try. Sorry Bunnies.. I tried to be as efficient as possible .. sometimes the forces are just against some.. LOL

Deco Miami nail polish; Rv:$12.50

What They Say: 8-free nail polish or top coat for your next mani or pedi

What I say: this color is amazeballs and the packaging is on point! the bottle is gorgeous.. but not only that the little box it came in was too pretty to destroy or throw away... I don't know what to do with it though... All I have to say is Deco Miami has made a fan in me.. and 8 free??? no carcinogens chyaaaa

Derma E Face scrub; Rv: $2

What They Say: crafted with activated charcoal and marine algae, this purifying detox scrub is gentle enough for everyday use

What I Say: Meh. Nothing Special. I've had better

Yes To Detoxifying facial wipes with deep cleaning charcoal; Rv: $5.99

What They Say: See above

What I say: these things smell like heaven.. the scent is the best I can't even describe it if I tried.. The black is weird and new but I get so excited each time I use these.. they remove makeup and tone.. but an be drying so definitely follow it up with your favorite moisturizer or face oil.

Well there you have it. It was a whirlwind review but I did it. These boxes have some hit or miss sometimes but mostly they are hits and I am left wanting more!! head over to Vegan Cuts if you're interested in subscribing.

For these 2 months I cumulatively spent about $40 and received $110.18 worth of product.. THINK ABOUT IT!

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