The Importance of Self Care

The Importance of Self Care

Hey Bunnies, so I have a bit of a more serious/ personal post.. I don't usually share things about my personal life on here, but I have the feeling it's refreshing to know that people on social media, are not just pictures behind a screen, we are in fact people too.. so here we go.

importance of self care Life is Hard.

Plain and simple..

Those who have been following me for awhile know that I have been having physical health problems lately, first I had the stomach flu, then I was diagnosed with physical Exhaustion and my body was literally shutting down (and I thought I was dying.. no joke)... Then after I started to feel like my normal self again I got the actual flu. INFLUENZA.. which is hard core, I am not gonna lie.. I have expelled about 3 lbs of mucus in the last week, I can't breathe, I literally pulled a muscle coughing and blowing my nose and sneezing so much and my head felt like it was gonna fall off... on top of that I struggle with Depression and Anxiety and I am also a stay at home mom of 2.

Monday My husband lost his job.
Today we lose our health insurance

Our marriage has been stressful, as the stress and anxiety from this whole thing have tended to take a toll on us emotionally.. We are staying optimistic though and I have every Faith that my Husband will get a job soon, because he is capable, determined, and loyal and he's really a treasure trove of work ethic and dependability that any company would be lucky to behold.

That being said...

My needs are not being met. Emotionally, Mentally, etc...

My own father doesn't even know what's going on in my life because he's so busy with his own life and other kids and work and stuff he can't even respond to a text message or call me back.. (I've left voicemails) it's probably been 6 or 7 months since I have seen or spoken to my own dad and it's devastating me.

My husband is so pre-occupied with finding a new job and providing for us (both very important things) that when I needed him to help out around the house when I was ill, he was not able to do so..

My kids are demanding, and need my attention 100% of the time, and I don't even feel like I am 50% human right now...

I am at the point of my life where I am just wondering.. "What about me?"

So today I took a shower..

importance of self care

That may not seem like a lot but it was only the 2nd one I have been really able to take in 2 weeks.

I don't get super dirty and I always wash my face and brush my teeth but sometimes actually showering.. (washing my hair and body and shaving..etc )go under the radar of things I am willing to and/or capable of doing for myself..

I washed my hair with some new tea tree and peppermint shampoo I received in my vegan cuts October Beauty Box and ohhhh my I could literally feel my scalp yelling THANK YOU as I massaged it under the hot water and felt the suds form underneath my fingertips..

I used a new soap I received in the same box and felt my skin smile and my nose smile as the beautiful aroma of hand crafted soap.. both earthy and sweet filled the air.. slowly I began to fill human again.

I finished my shower with a facial mask.. to give my skin some much needed TLC and Now.. here I am .. sharing about the importance of Self-care.

importance of self care

You are important, your needs are important... It's ok to stop everything else for a moment and take care of YOU.

importance of self care After all, we cannot be the best versions of ourselves if our own basic needs aren't met... am I right??

If you're stressed, depressed, anxious.. If life is throwing you curveballs, and you feel alone and lost..

You're not.
A lot of other people have very similar struggles as you.

I encourage everyone to take a moment to do something for themselves today, whether it's letting the laundry remain undone so you can drink your favorite tea or read a book, or if it's saying no to that thing you were supposed to do so you could go for a walk and be at peace in nature..

or if you're like me taking care of everyone else's needs and neglecting your own.. take a moment.. to shower, paint your toes, put on that facial... do whatever makes you happy, and at peace.. be the one to fill up your cup when you're empty from pouring yourself out again and again..

and pray..
I believe in the power of prayer and of course this part is optional... I respect and love all of you no matter what your belief system is..

but For ME.. Prayer is a big part of self-care..

I just want all of you to be happy and healthy and to take care of yourself.... inside and out...

and that's the ultimate reason I wrote this.

Love you bunnies.

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Love you Bunnies


importance of self care