Review of The October Vegan Cuts. (Belated)

Review of The October Vegan Cuts. (Belated)

Hey bunnies! Life has been chaos to say the least. After my husband lost his job I had to unsubscribe to various beauty subscriptions including Vegan Cuts! Which breaks my heart, I had been waiting for the november box so that I could do a joint review of October and November products in a post on here, but since I won't be receiving a November Box, I am giving you belated reviews of the October box instead. Forgive me sweet ones.


Honestly though, I sorta feel like October's box was sub-par.. (In comparison to their many other awesome boxes) at least in the sense that the products did not suit me... Not that they were bad products, they weren't.. however they just didn't work that well for me...

but let's get started..

here's all the loot:

First Product Up:

Palmetto Derma Clay Mask $64

What They Say: Rejuvenating clay mask pulls out impurities while adding antioxidants and hydrating your skin.

What I Say: Ok, So actually this one is amazing. This product made the whole box for me, it does it all, it's your one stop shop for masks, ESPECIALLY if you have combination skin like mine that needs to nourish both the dry and wet aspects of my face to bring balance. This mask fulfills all my facial needs. Seriously it's creamy, non-irritating, doesn't have a strong odor, it leaves my skin clearer, more toned, more hydrated and all around HAPPY.

Yay Happy mask!

The All Natural Face Lipgloss $4.60

What They Say: Mauve-tinted lip gloss with a frosted undertone that adds a glossy shimmer

What I Say: This is the first time I have ever heard of this brand.. however in the green and clean area of instagram beauty this brand is quite known.

The gloss is a pretty color, it has great ingredients and it's not sticky.. which is a huge plus when it comes to a lip gloss. and again the ingredients.... it's so nice to put something on your face and know that it isn't trying to kill you. My only complaint is sometimes in applying the color becomes uneven and it doesn't last very long, but otherwise a pretty ok product!

Revive Bath and Body Soap. $2.50

What They Say: Handmade Soap crafted from vegetable-based oils that is gentle on the skin

What I Say: I love hand crafted soaps, I always have since I was a little girl and my mother would take me to the seaside bazaar on the weekends and we'd buy hand crafted soaps and lotions and incense and candles... and we'd smell the salty sea air and just feel blessed to be alive...

This soap made me nostalgic.. and that's a good thing. It reminded me of some positive aspects of my life... anywhoooo the soap itself smelled divine.. It was a patchouli, litsea and lavender scented soap bar and it smelled lemony with a tinge of earthiness, very reminiscent of some soaps I got at the bazaar as a child.. it foamed beautifully and worked great as a nourishing shaving soap without being too drying.. like some hand crafted soaps can be.. and what's more?? I finished it! And now I think I have won at life.. LOL

Juice Beauty moisturizer $5

What They Say: Jojoba oil, shea butter and malic acid from organic green apples combine to create an age defying body moisturizer

What I Say: Ok so we all know Juice Beauty products have been sorta hit or miss with me. I like the lipgloss I have of theirs but wish it was longer lasting, and almost every face wash or cream has not played nicely with my specific skin type... however this lotion is alright with me, it's not greasy, it's moisturizing and it has great ingredients... Plus I actually like the sample size and shape.. it's great for on the go.

Eden Body Works Tea Tree Shampoo $2.59

What They Say: Invigorating peppermint and tea tree shampoo that increases scalp circulation

What I say: EHHHHHHHHH! no.

My hair and scalp did not like this one bit.. greasy scalp, greasy grimey hair.. I think my hair was more clean before I used this stuff.. but then again My body has never reacted towards tea tree oil like I feel it should.. it's just one of those things I guess.. did nothing for me.

Well there you have it my sweets, as promised, the review of the products from my October Vegan Cuts. I hope you learned about new products and brands that you may or may not want to try!! If you would like to subscribe to receive vegan beauty on your door step you can do so Here.

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