Brand Spotlight: Z Natural LIfe

Brand Spotlight: Z Natural LIfe

 If you're like me, You don't want to increase your chances of getting cancer by putting carcinogenic crap in or on your body... If you're also like me, You don't like when animals are harmed and/or killed so we can have superficial needs met in way of Vanity or elsewhere..

Awhile ago my Girl Shermeen from raved and raved about a natural deodorant she was trying from a brand "Z Natural Life" I was really skeptical because natural deodorants have a tendency to lead me on.. Either they don't work, or they do work but they cause my skin to get irritated and I was thinking... That's gotta stop..

But I went ahead and took the plunge and bought the scent "Fresh" after talking with Shermeen about the various scents and decided this one might be up my alley, and suffice it to say I AM IN LOVE.

Let's talk about this company for a minute before I further review:

"Z Natural Life’s mission is to create innovative, high-quality products for the health-conscious consumer" Z Natural life was founded by Bill and Liz Ziske a married couple with two very different backgrounds but with one really important thing in common; they are both conscience about they type of things they put in and on their bodies...

Their spotlight products in their line are their extra strength deodorants.

They Wanted to formulate a natural deodorant that worked Because, being like me, they Saw and understood that the "Finding an Effective Natural Deodorant Struggle" was and is REAL YA'LL...and with the knowledge that crap in non-natural deodorants on the market contain harmful chemicals that have been proven to be lined to the likes of Cancer, Alzheimer's and Dementia they wanted to put a product out their that was safe to put on our bodies! That's why each of their products Do NOT contain any of the following Icky Ingredients:

  • Aluminum
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Synthetic Fragrances

and are all of course: Vegan And Cruelty-Free

I was blessed to a receive a sweet little love package from The Zisk's after they saw my mini spotlight on their deodorant and how I had found a HOLY GRAIL deo for me.
I received all three of their scents (Fresh, Clean and Sport) and their lightly scented Body powder..


So let's talk about these gems shall we?

The packaging is minimalistic and very appealing to my taste as well.

The formulation of each is thin and cool like a moisturizer... but for your armpits.. with an awesome and innovative mess-free all around design and applicator tip, you have the control on where you put the deodorant, and you don't have to worry about it leaking anywhere etc..

Each Scent is Earthy, Subtle and Sweet:

The Fresh Scent Contains Both Citrus and Sage oils... The Sage Scent is masked and I believe works it's magic to neutralize the odors emanating out of my pits daily.. The overall scent is sweet, subtle and citrusy.

The Clean Scent Boasts the aromas of both Jasmine and Grapefruit... I seriously cannot even begin to express my love of the marriage of these two fragrances.. It's just crisp and sweet.. Girly and Subtle.. It's EVERYTHING.

The Sport Scent Boasts a variety of flavors (Scents).. containing Lavender (flowery), Tangerine (Citrusy) and Lemongrass (Neutralizing).

Their fourth product is a lightly scented body powder free of:

  • Talc
  • Corn Starch
  • Synthetic Fragrance

Did you know that the leading body powder's contain Talc which is proven to cause various types of cancers?? Johnson's Baby Powder has most famously been in the spotlight lately due to Women have been developing cervical Cancer from the use of said powder in ways of "Feminine Hygiene"

But even if we aren't putting talc in our hoohas it has still been shown to cause other cancers as well and it seems to be IN EVERYTHING! YUCKY YUCKY TALC!

But this little beauty by Z Natural life does not contain any carcinogenic material and smells again Subtle and sweet like it's Deodorant cousins... and what's awesome is you can use this powder any way that you would use baby powder. Whether you want to keep certain parts of you "fresh" and "dry" or you want to soak up unwanted oil in your hair by way of the "dry shampoo" effect.. this stuff has got you covered!

And again.. safe ingredients... sooooo awesome!

The Z Natural life Company is founded on ethics I think we can all agree are safe to stand behind, and I am so excited about the products this budding company is going to be offering in the future... After all the world needs more healthy conscience, philanthropic companies to step out and change the industry for the better!.. Am I Right?

Are you interested in trying a product from Z Natural Life?? Well, Awesome! I have teamed up with them to offer one lucky follower a choice of one product from their line to have! Follow me on Instagram for rules on how to enter this giveaway! You will NOT want to miss out!